Summer Beachin’ Waves

Every summer it seems that the beach waves trend returns, and I must admit… this is a look that I absolutely love! And, not to mention, it is extremely easy to achieve! Today, I will be sharing 5 of my summer beach waves tips and tricks with you to help you get that effortless beachy look!

1. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY! This is the number one tip that I have! I know a lot of people seem to want to wash their hair everyday but this can be quite damaging. I often curl my hair and am able to go 2- 3 days without washing! And the more you leave it the more textured and tousled it looks! Now, you may have to make some touch ups and use a bit of dry shampoo but I promise you that you will LOVE what not washing will do to your hair! The dry shampoo will give you a lot of volume which will also help give some life to the look!

2. CURL AND USE POMADE/ DRY SHAMPOO TO STYLE. When I curl my hair and want to achieve more of a beachy look, I will run my straightener through my hair to help flatten out some of the curls, focusing more on the ends of my hair. This will give you a more textured wavy style. If you want more added texture, run some pomade through the ends of your hair to clean it up and give it a more pieced out look. I promise you this will look incredible and pomade will become your new best friend! For volume, add some dry shampoo or baby powder to the roots. This will give you more lift and also help preserve your curls over a few days.

3. SEA SALT SPRAY. If you have naturally wavy hair, sea salt spray may be just what you are looking for to get that effortless wavy style you’ve been wanting! This can also be great for second- day curled hair as it will add more texture to your curls! This is one of the most used products on the market, but you can also make it yourself! Here is a DIY recipe!


  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 2 tablespoons epsom salts (or more for extra texture)
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 tsp conditioner
  • OPTIONAL: you can add a  few drops of essential oils to add a scent to the product OR add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to lighten your hair while in the sun!

4. BUNS. Have to work all day but have date plans at night? Have no fear! Here is a tip for you! After you shower in the morning try leaving it a bit damp and creating a simple updo using buns! Split your hair into two or three sections and twist them into smaller buns at the nape of your neck. Now, using bobby pins, pin parts of the sections together. This will create a messy updo look. Once 6 o’clock comes around take the updo out and you will be left with tousled beach waves! If you have time, add some salt spray to give it some texture!

5. SIMPLE BRAID. This is probably the easiest of all, but to get those beachy waves try splitting your hair into two or four pieces (depending how thick/ thin your hair is) and braid each section with your hair still a bit damp. Personally, I recommend doing this at night after a shower with your hair still a bit damp, this will give your hair time to set as you sleep on it. When you wake up, throw in a little pomade on the ends and some dry shampoo to the roots and you will be ready to take on the day! If you want to add a little extra, take a curling iron and add a few curls in to tie it all together!

I hope these tips helped and I would love to hear some of your favourite summer hairstyles! So, comment below and share your summer styles with me! I would love to hear from you! 

– BBB – 


Summer Colour

Summer is here which means everyone can start bringing colour back in to their wardrobe and makeup collection! Last spring/summer season, pastels were extremely popular. They were seen both in prints and in solid fashion pieces. This pastel trend has definitely made its way back but the hues tend to be a tad bit more muted. There is more of a darker undertone in the shades this season, versus the vibrant neon undertones from the year previous. Now, don’t get me wrong neons are still very popular, and not to mention, can make you look like you have a wicked tan!

This season, there are a lot of fiery hues (yellow, orange and red) present, which tend to be very vibrant while on the other hand, calming “neutrals’ (light blue, lilac, sand and grey) are also very popular and tend to be much more subdued. Needless to say, there is a definite contrast between the different colour groups.

White and black are also very popular colours for spring/summer 2014. The two mixed to create a pattern is a huge trend but also full neutral looks are still very popular. This was mostly seen with all white ensembles. If you are going to wear white this season, wear it from head to toe! I know it seems really intimidating but it looks so fresh and clean! Now, if the white makes you too uncomfortable then I would recommend trying this same look in a sand or beige colour. It will still give the same effect!

Colour is an awesome thing to incorporate in to your wardrobe and makeup collection. A nice vibrant lip or a pop of colour on the lid is perfect for the season and can really give you that edge you’ve been craving. As far as fashion goes, many people fear colour and stick to neutrals. Playing with colour will make you feel and look great!  This summer it is all about the light neutral shades and the bright vibrant hues, so use this season and get inspired to try something that may take you out of your comfort zone! Always remember to just have fun with it! Never be scared to try something new! Embrace colour/ trends and be creative! Who knows, you may find your next signature look!

Besides, Coco Chanel always knows best…

The best colour in the world is the one that looks best on you.

I would love to hear what tends you guys have been rocking this summer! Leave me a comment below and share 🙂

– BBB –

SPRING Fashion: ORANGE is the New BLACK


Hello there! I know it has been a long time but I am finally back in the blogging zone and will be posting a lot more! As I had said I had A LOT going on in my final week of school but now I am back! 

I thought I would write a bit on the new colour of spring, as I am sure many of you fashionistas out there have noticed there orange seems to be everywhere! Now, let’s dive in to the details of trend… 


Fashion week had what  I like to call a “colour moment”. Orange was spotted all over the runways. I think it is safe to say that orange is the colour of the season! Now, there are a lot of people out there who are really uncomfortable with the whole trend but I have come to really like it! I urge you to find a way to mix this colour in to your wardrobe or make up collection! It is a really fun colour and it will instantly give you that little bit of “oomph” you have been missing! I personally love this trend in a form of a coloured denim or fabric short. If that also scares you, I would recommend rocking this new spring trend in a great shoe or even just something as simple as a nail polish. If any of you happen to feel really bold, find a great orange lipstick! 

This warm, vibrant and bold colour was been seen all over the runways at New York Fashion Week. Different designers chose to use this trend throughout various fashion streams whether it be in clothing, handbags or even shoes. Whatever it was, there were hints of this flaming hue all over the runways.

As previously stated, I love wearing this trend in a pant, preferably a skinny jean. I chose to pair my piece with a simple black rocker t- shirt and a great blazer. I am going to take a second and preach a few words of advice. Please everyone reading this go out and buy yourself a good blazer! I cannot stress enough the importance of having a simple black blazer in your wardrobe. It can tie any outfit together and is probably one of the most universally flattering pieces of clothing you will ever own.  A black blazer to me, is like the holy grail of the fashion world.

Now let’s move on to accessorizing the outfit. I have two words for you: rose and gold. This shade of gold is amazing! I love pairing it with orange; it is such a great colour combination. I chose a chunky watch and thin bracelet. As for shoes, I decided on a simple pair of black flats. I wanted the jeans to be the focus of the outfit. Pair it with  something that will make you comfortable. Assesories can make or break an outfit, so always remember to keep it simple!

Go out and grab a nice pair of jeans or a fabulous shoe or handbag and give this trend a try! Take baby steps… I promise you that you will feel and look great! Good luck!



Hello Everyone!

Happy Saturday!… Taking care of your skin is so important and many people just seem to forget about it. There are many ways to care for your skin and enhance your features! Here are some tips and tricks for making your skin look the best it ever has!

  1. MOISTURIZE AND PRIME! I cannot stress this enough. Your skin needs it more than you think. I would strongly suggest you all grab a moisturizer with SPF. Your skin still needs protection from the sun… yes, even in the winter. If you want an even complexion for when you apply your makeup, use a primer! Primers are great for filling in pores/ small scars!
  2. FIND A FOUNDATION AND MATCH YOUR SHADE! I beg you all to please match your foundation to your skin! Nothing is more annoying then picking out a foundation and realizing you look like an orange! First, define your skin tone – do you have a warm or cool undertone? Second, go the drugstore or makeup counter and test multiple shades. The best place to test shades is on the inner part of your forearm or jawline. Make sure the foundation dries before taking the plunge! The color will oxidize and change color – this could make it more orange so be cautious!
  3. APPLY WITH WET SPONGE AND BLEND! This will change your life. You can use a “beauty blender” or just a simple white-wedged cosmetic sponge; just make sure it is wet! This will help your makeup glide on!  With that said, YOU MUST BLEND! When I say blend, I mean blend! Bring down on to your neck and chest area. This will give you a flawless look and complexion!
  4. HIGHLIGHT AND CONTOUR! Who needs a facelift when all you need is a little powder and brush magic! Go and get yourself a bronzer and highlight. If you have a warm undertone in your skin a gold highlight will look amazing, and if you have a cold undertone then I would recommend a white. Place the bronzer on the hollows of your face (check hollows, temples and under the jawbone) and place the highlight on the “bone” areas (bridge of your nose, end of chin and middle of forehead). This will create a flawless complexion and will enhance your lovely features! In the warmer months grab a bronzer/ highlight with a shimmer! The light will reflect off of your face! Matte powders give a more natural look!
  5. USE POWDER. Be sure to use a powder! If you have naturally oily skin then this tip is for you! Take a large fluffy makeup brush and dip it in loose translucent powder. Next, be sure to tap off the excess and then apply the powder where you tend to get shiny. This is usually in your t- zone (forehead and nose area). If you are planning on a night out put it all over your face! This will help keep everything set and in place!

– BBB –

Swatches: Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Image Wet n' WIld Palette Image

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having an awesome morning/day 🙂 !

I have been hearing so much about these Wet n’ Wild palettes so I decided to go pick one up! I mean…they only cost about $4 so I couldn’t resist.

I got the “comfort zone” palette #738 and it is freaking amazing! These shadows are compared to high end products! They are so smooth and pigmented (as you can see in the swatches picture above!) I literally only had to swipe my finger across the shadows once to get the full colour… TALK ABOUT AMAZING!

The colours are all neutral. You get light and dark shades so you can take your look from morning to night! There are so many combinations you can make with this palette. I LOVE it! There is a shade in there for virtually any eye colour! I know these shades make my green eyes pop!

For beginners, this palette is a great purchase! It is so cheap and the quality is there! Each shadow is also labelled: “brow bone”. “eyelid”, “crease”, and “definer”. This way you know where to put each colour, making it super simple and stress free for those who are new to makeup! Each side of the palette gives you a different look. You can go with the colours in the right column for a more neutral look, or you can use the left column colours to add some fun! You can also mix and match the shades and create looks of your own!

The quality of this product is absolutely amazing! I wanted to do a swatch just to show you how beautiful and pigmented the shades are. These palettes come in different colours, so I may just have to go pick those up!

What are some your your favourite palettes? Share in the comments 🙂

– BBB –

Fashion Fridays: LOVING THIS BAG!


Hello Everyone!

I recently got this Michael Kors bag as a gift and I am absolutely in love with it, so I thought I would share my thoughts!

I have been wanting an MK bag for years and my dream of owning my own finally came true! I got a really simple cross body bag with gold hardware and it is just beautiful! It is black leather, making it super versatile! I can wear it with almost any outfit! It is perfect for those nights out or even just a casual walk in the park! The strap can be removed on one side so it can also be used as a clutch! BONUS!

It has a lot of small compartments and pockets to hold things which I love! I like to keep everything organized, especially in my purse (because we all know how messy those can get!) It has two zipper compartments and a middle section that opens with card slots, which is really convenient because it means that I don’t have to drag my wallet around. it is just the perfect size for all of your needs! This is my spring must have!!

I personally feel like everyone should own a small cross body bag! They are just so useful! Big bags are nice, but they can get heavy and annoying. So, my advice for all of you today is to go out and treat yourself to a new small cross body bag! Besides, spring is here which only means…. SPRING cleaning SHOPPING!

Do you guys have any spring must haves?

– BBB –